Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stereotypical Americans

   Americans have both good and bad stereotypes, but we are mostly known for our bad stereotypes. No matter where we go we are normally picked out immediately as being U.S Americans. We are obnoxious, we like to talk loud, and make ourselves known. This is considered very rude in other countries, but we Americans, are unique.  Violence is not uncommon in America. Our police officers carry guns and other weapons, normal citizens carry around pocket knives and even pepper spray. Especially in Nebraska, almost every male carries around something that can be used as a weapon and we, as Nebraskans, don’t think twice about it, because we consider it normal. Of course, in London these things are illegal. Bad manners, oh man! I don’t even know where to start. Growing up in a military family has allowed me to live in many different states, and even different states having different norms of manners. Not all people have horrible manners; to me it depends on how you were raised. When I think of good American manners I think of being friendly and making conversation with the person sitting next to you and standing close when having a conversation, but these may not be good manners in London.

   To beat these American stereotypes, we need to remain respectful of our surroundings by talking quietly, yet staying engaged in the conversation. Violence is not a stereotype of each individual American, but rather of the country as a whole. Don’t bring pepper spray or pocket knives with you to a different country and your problem may be solved. Avoiding obnoxiousness can include talking quietly, as listed above, and not attracting attention. Not attracting attention to yourself will lessen your chances of being a stereotypical American. Nothing screams American tourist like bad manners. Get some manners people! Even living in America I notice how horrible our manners are and I haven’t really been exposed to another’s culture before. Researching appropriate and inappropriate manners for a country you are planning on visiting will help eliminate this problem.

   On a positive note! American positive stereotypes include generosity, friendliness, and being optimistic! Americans are considered to be very generous; we like to give things to people in need! To show friendliness, Americans like to communicate with people and are open-hearted. “I’m just living the American dream” is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about optimism. Americans like to dream big even if the dream seems unrealistic; to Americans, no dream is unrealistic! Go big or go home. (:

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  1. From my travels, and just life in general, I have witnessed that the main reasons for stereotypes are because of a lack of understanding. Yes, Americans are loud and obnoxious, but that is because we are friendly people. Any action can be taken out of context and then imprinted for life. You made great points and provided awesome tips that we can use for our trip. Great read :)