Friday, June 6, 2014

Different Ways of Living

   Over my two week stay in London I have mentioned some different ways of living but I did not think that I actually explained them as I should have. I mentioned different parks and how amazing they are! Living in South Dakota I am use to parks in the middle of the city but in London the concept of parks in a city is crazy! London does not much in common with Rapid City or Chadron but they all have parks in the city. London takes pride and joy of their parks and keep them in pristine condition! I have also mentioned the food in London. We spent more time looking for different places to eat! There are places to eat EVERYWHERE in London but for some reason it was always a long process. One of our issues was they the pub's opened but did not start serving food before 12 or 1. Like seriously?! I find that very odd that you can go and drink but you can't even eat yet. I was always difficult to find healthy things to eat in pubs or restaurants. Their typical food is heavy and full of carbohydrates, which is fine every once in awhile just not everyday for two weeks. We ate lots of sandwiches from Pret.
   The food is much different but so is the lifestyle! It is very expensive to live in the city of London, which is why most residents live outside central London. The lifestyle is incredible fast! It took awhile to get use to. Once I got back to the United States it took me two days to get back to a slower pace lifestyle and sleep schedule. I am so glad to be able to drive to work and not go on the tube with hundreds of other people. It is good to be back! Till next time London. (:

Delicious Spaghetti!

Strawberry Crepe from Paris

Bangers and Mash

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Global Competence

What exactly is global competence and what does it involve? According to Global Teacher Education, global competence involves investigating the world, recognizing perspectives, communicating ideas and taking action. I would like to pick one of the four areas to focus my attention on but they are all very important! Investigating the world is learning about the world beyond you immediate environment. This is similar to thinking globally, if you do not learn about the world you will have a hard time thinking globally. Recognizing perspectives allows you to differentiate your own perspectives from others. Recognizing others perspectives keeps you from seeing straight down the tunnel. You must use your peripheral vision and open your mind to others. Communicating ideas allows the world to go round! Different areas of the world think differently and if you are globally competent you are able to communicate easier to these audiences. Taking action! Being a criminal justice major, I like the sound of this. Just being in London for two weeks I realize you just act differently. Focussing more on police officers, they use there voices as their weapon of choice. Not so much in the United States, they use their voices but not to the extend of London officers. Being globally competent allows you to use your skills to act according to the situation.

Thinking globally, acting locally

Thinking globally, according to my definition, is being aware of your surroundings around the world. Being aware of current events allows you understand not only the effects in it's immediate location but how it can effect the world. As you can imagine, living in South Dakota is much different than London! It was hard to act like a local in London. It just two weeks it was almost impossible. In the last couple of days I was finally able to count their money easily and adjust to their lifestyle. Of course, at this point we were leaving. :( 
   Being a global citizen is not just traveling to different places. Being a global citizen is similar to my definition listed above. Having sense of belonging within the global community and understanding social, economic and political issues offers you a sense of being a global citizen. Studying abroad has definitely started my journey of becoming a global citizen! Everything on the trip has helped, everything from going to the courts and learning about their court system to just walking around outside and noticing how Londoners behaviors lead to global consequences.

Anti-American Sentiment and Global Consequences of Local Behaviors

   In previous blogs I have mentioned misinterpretations or stereotypes of Americans! I hate to say but most of the stereotypes are visible. I did notice that Americans are very loud and lazy. I noticed it in the underground, in resteraunts... Pretty much everywhere! There was occurrences that I even realized how loud I was being compared to Londoners. Talk about Americans being lazy. I am not sure most Americans could live in London do to the facts of how much walking you actually have to do! Also, common dress attire of Americans in more casual rather than business. Granted, dress attire changes depending on where you live in the United States. Most people in London wear anything but jeans and sweats. It was uncommon to see a Londoner wearing blue jeans.  I wouldn't necessarily say that it was very prominent in London but it was visible. 
   In my last blog I mentioned global consequences of local behaviors, such as, pollution. Since returning from London I have done some research on pollution and London is ranked in the top ten of most polluted cities according to most websites. Almost everyone smokes, there are lots of buses (or coaches as they would say) and the tube which causes soot in the air. In my mind, I believe most of the group got sick because our immune systems were not use to the pollution and all the germs from there massive population. Everyday after dinner I would come back to the room and blow my nose and guess what?? Black stuff would come out. Gross!
    A girl smoking. You walk into a cloud of smoke where ever you went.
You can see the extent of black soot in the underground.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day Thirteen! May 24, 2014 Our Last Full Day in London

   It is about time to say goodbye to London! We depart tomorrow to head back to the states. I am ready to be home! I am ready to get away from the hectic lifestyle, everyone smoking, air pollution and ultimately the tube system. It has been a great and eventful two weeks. This study abroad opportunity has opened my eyes to a whole new world!! Granted some days were better than others but it was all worth it. It still amazes me how safe London actually is. London police officers don't even carry guns! They have weapons such has a baton and CS spray, but there most useful tactic are their voices. 
   This study aboard experience has broadened my horizons both educationallyand individually. American is called the melting pot but I believe London should be called the melting pot! There are over 300 languages spoken here. Talking about opening my eyes to a whole new world! I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to work in the criminal justice field here. If there was an doubt in my mind about not wanting to work in the criminal justice field, it is gone now! I have never been a fan of learning about the courts and how they function but this trip changed that. 
   I have meet so many amazing people on this trip and would like to say one last goodbye to Constable Watson, Joann and Sarah our VERY informative tour guides, Maria and everyone else that has put in all the hard work to bless us with such an amazing opportunity. 
   For our finale day we went to the London Dungeon, strolled up and down Oxford Street, ate at an amazing BBQ place for lunch and are planning on getting together for a last dinner as a group! London Dungeon was a haunted tour explaining the history of London! I was nervous to go at first but other members of our group reassured me that I HAVE to go and that it wasn't that scary. I am sure glad I did! (: 
   A big thank you shout out to Dr. Nobiling for putting up with all us students for two weeks and planning the whole trip! All her hard work paid off because the trip, as you can tell, was amazing! One suggestion I would make is, print off a list of all your favorite places to eat. When it doubt on where to eat, ask Dr. Nobiling! Thank you this opportunity! I would also like to say thank you to my roommates Michaela, Mary and kind of Nick for putting up with me for two weeks as well! I have never been so close to someone after just two weeks.(: 
See you all back in the United States!!

 My wonderful roommates and I at the Roman Bath!

Two of the few armed police officers I have seen while in London. They just happened to be at Westminster Abbey.

Michaela and I decided to be twins yesterday.

They put "LOOK RIGHT" and "LOOK LEFT" on the roads for tourists because we always look the wrong way for cars... 


Friday, May 23, 2014

Day Twelve! May 23, 2014 Oxford University, Stratford and Warwick Castle!

   Today was our last official day of scheduled tours! We went to Oxford University, Stratford and Warick Castle! Once again it was a rainy, gloomy day.
   Oxford University was interesting! It is the second highest rank prestigious school. Oxford contains 38 separate colleges and you only apply to one in particular. If you are not accepted into one of the colleges you can not apply to another one. People such as Bill Clinton and Isaac newton attended Oxford! Alice in Wonderland, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and Lord of the Rings were all written by authors who attended Oxford along with many other books!
   Stratford is the town where William Shakespeare was born! We actually got to see the house in which he was born in. Right down the road was an amazing cafe/bakery where we ate lunch. I seriously had THE BEST carrot cake ever! They had soooooo many different desserts, it made the decision really hard. 
   The entire time we were at Warick Castle it was raining! My favorite part was the dungeon where criminals were held to rot away. It sounds weird I know... But it was a very unique place. 
          Only part of Oxford University
The stairs to the dungeon at Warick Castle
Inside the dungeon. They were actually in this position.
      William Shakespeare's birth place

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day Eleven! May 22, 2014 Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace and 10 Downey Street

   We started the day at Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guards. We actually got to go into the gates of Buckingham Palace! (: Dr. Nobiling and Constable Watson kept it a secret till we got there. I feel unbelievably honored to be able to enter the gates! We were actually standing on the stairs of  the palace and leaning on the building. I am pretty sure that bystanders thought we were important and/or famous! People were probably taking pictures of us... little did they know. Since we were actually in the gates of Buckingham Palace we were unable to take pictures. 
   Constable Watson used his magic once again to get us onto Downing Street and right up to the front door of 10 Downing Street! For all who don't know, 10 Downing Street is where the Prime Minister lives. You can only imagine how much security was there! Honestly, today could not have been much better! (: I am still smiling because of the amazing opportunity. We ended the day at New Scotland Yard for a presentation by Constable Watson and Stuart Tracey! Their main focus was talking about the 2012 Olympics and how they prepared for the amazing event. 

10 Downing Street with Constable Watson on my right and Phil on the left (Sorry Phil, I can't remember your last name.) 
    One of the many gates at Buckingham Palace. This is the entrance we walked through. 
     Group picture of 10 Downing Street