Thursday, May 29, 2014

Anti-American Sentiment and Global Consequences of Local Behaviors

   In previous blogs I have mentioned misinterpretations or stereotypes of Americans! I hate to say but most of the stereotypes are visible. I did notice that Americans are very loud and lazy. I noticed it in the underground, in resteraunts... Pretty much everywhere! There was occurrences that I even realized how loud I was being compared to Londoners. Talk about Americans being lazy. I am not sure most Americans could live in London do to the facts of how much walking you actually have to do! Also, common dress attire of Americans in more casual rather than business. Granted, dress attire changes depending on where you live in the United States. Most people in London wear anything but jeans and sweats. It was uncommon to see a Londoner wearing blue jeans.  I wouldn't necessarily say that it was very prominent in London but it was visible. 
   In my last blog I mentioned global consequences of local behaviors, such as, pollution. Since returning from London I have done some research on pollution and London is ranked in the top ten of most polluted cities according to most websites. Almost everyone smokes, there are lots of buses (or coaches as they would say) and the tube which causes soot in the air. In my mind, I believe most of the group got sick because our immune systems were not use to the pollution and all the germs from there massive population. Everyday after dinner I would come back to the room and blow my nose and guess what?? Black stuff would come out. Gross!
    A girl smoking. You walk into a cloud of smoke where ever you went.
You can see the extent of black soot in the underground.

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