Monday, May 19, 2014

Day Seven! May 18, 2014 Roman Baths and Stonehenge

   Our journey today took us to Stonehenge and the Roman baths! Stonehenge was not what I was expecting but I thought it was in better condition than it is was. Stonehenge is in alignment with the sun and is believed to be used as a calendar. There is evidence that people have lived there up to 8,00 years ago! There are two sizes of rocks used in Stonehenge: larger ones and smaller ones. The larger stones weigh up to 40 tons and the smaller ones  weight up to 5 tons. Whoever built Stonehenge has to drag the stones to area! It took about 200 men to move the larger stones. 
  The Roman baths were amazing! Up till the 1600's they stopped bathing in the water and started drinking it. The water is believed to have special powers such as fertility. The water contains a whopping 43 minerals! The water is a steady 46C and it is drinkable. I actually drank it and it was delicious even though it was hot. There is a sacred spring overflow that people can throw coins in to make a blessing or curse another person.
               Sacred spring overflow

       We did not drink this water! We drank clear water (thank gosh)

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