Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day Thirteen! May 24, 2014 Our Last Full Day in London

   It is about time to say goodbye to London! We depart tomorrow to head back to the states. I am ready to be home! I am ready to get away from the hectic lifestyle, everyone smoking, air pollution and ultimately the tube system. It has been a great and eventful two weeks. This study abroad opportunity has opened my eyes to a whole new world!! Granted some days were better than others but it was all worth it. It still amazes me how safe London actually is. London police officers don't even carry guns! They have weapons such has a baton and CS spray, but there most useful tactic are their voices. 
   This study aboard experience has broadened my horizons both educationallyand individually. American is called the melting pot but I believe London should be called the melting pot! There are over 300 languages spoken here. Talking about opening my eyes to a whole new world! I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to work in the criminal justice field here. If there was an doubt in my mind about not wanting to work in the criminal justice field, it is gone now! I have never been a fan of learning about the courts and how they function but this trip changed that. 
   I have meet so many amazing people on this trip and would like to say one last goodbye to Constable Watson, Joann and Sarah our VERY informative tour guides, Maria and everyone else that has put in all the hard work to bless us with such an amazing opportunity. 
   For our finale day we went to the London Dungeon, strolled up and down Oxford Street, ate at an amazing BBQ place for lunch and are planning on getting together for a last dinner as a group! London Dungeon was a haunted tour explaining the history of London! I was nervous to go at first but other members of our group reassured me that I HAVE to go and that it wasn't that scary. I am sure glad I did! (: 
   A big thank you shout out to Dr. Nobiling for putting up with all us students for two weeks and planning the whole trip! All her hard work paid off because the trip, as you can tell, was amazing! One suggestion I would make is, print off a list of all your favorite places to eat. When it doubt on where to eat, ask Dr. Nobiling! Thank you this opportunity! I would also like to say thank you to my roommates Michaela, Mary and kind of Nick for putting up with me for two weeks as well! I have never been so close to someone after just two weeks.(: 
See you all back in the United States!!

 My wonderful roommates and I at the Roman Bath!

Two of the few armed police officers I have seen while in London. They just happened to be at Westminster Abbey.

Michaela and I decided to be twins yesterday.

They put "LOOK RIGHT" and "LOOK LEFT" on the roads for tourists because we always look the wrong way for cars... 


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