Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thinking globally, acting locally

Thinking globally, according to my definition, is being aware of your surroundings around the world. Being aware of current events allows you understand not only the effects in it's immediate location but how it can effect the world. As you can imagine, living in South Dakota is much different than London! It was hard to act like a local in London. It just two weeks it was almost impossible. In the last couple of days I was finally able to count their money easily and adjust to their lifestyle. Of course, at this point we were leaving. :( 
   Being a global citizen is not just traveling to different places. Being a global citizen is similar to my definition listed above. Having sense of belonging within the global community and understanding social, economic and political issues offers you a sense of being a global citizen. Studying abroad has definitely started my journey of becoming a global citizen! Everything on the trip has helped, everything from going to the courts and learning about their court system to just walking around outside and noticing how Londoners behaviors lead to global consequences.

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