Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day Three! May 14, 2014 Magistrate Courts

   Day three consisted of getting a tour from Joann at the Magistrate Courts! We got to sit in on two different cases, one case involved an assault and getting a continuation of the trial because of evidence that was not obtained yet. The other case involved a man getting tried for taking prohibited items into the prison (a cell phone and drugs). One of the main differences between the courts in the United States and the Magistrate Court is that the defendant does not sit next to their lawyers, they sit in a glass box/area away from their lawyer. Also, names of the court room work group differ a little, for instance, a prosecutor in the United States is called a Royal Crown prosecutor in London.
   During the afternoon we went to the National Gallery and saw paintings from some of the most known artists including Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Paul Cezanne, and Georges Seurat just to name a few. The gallery was massive, we felt as if we were lost as soon as we entered the building. Outside the National Gallery was all kinds of street performers that were entertaining. We also decided to go to M&M World. I have never seen anything like it! You would think by now that I would be use to how big all the buildings are here, I could not be more wrong. M&M World was four level and was filled in every M&M souvenir you could think of!

                                                                     M&M World

House of Parliament (for yesterday's blog)

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