Monday, May 19, 2014

Day Eight! May 19, 2014 Trooping of the Colors and Kings College

   Trooping of the colors was an amazing experience! We were blessed to be able to stand in an area that was not open to the public! We were so close to the guards and their horses. It was a practice parade for the real parade that takes the second Saturday in June. The parade is to celebrate the Queens birthday, even though her real birthday is in April I believe. It was really warm outside and the guards were wearing their really heavy uniforms that do not breath whatsoever. Constable Watson guessed that on a day like today around 3 people would pass out.  We witnessed only one guy pass out! Thank gosh because it was scary, but it is not uncommon. 
   Kings College is a school of law and looked huge from my perspective. We got an informative presentation from Dr. Thomas MacManus. He helped us understand and compare the England justice system to the United States justice system. There are many differences between England and the United States! There are so many that I am going to list a few.
   The drinking age here is 18 compared to 21.
   Guns are obviously illegal here besides shot guns.
   Jaywalking is not illegal here! There are people walking everywhere all the time! The car drivers could care less if you are in there way, they will hit you. 
   Open containers of alcohol are okay except on the tubes/buses and on South Bank. 
   There is no death penalty and they actually just recently changed it so that you could get sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. 

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