Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day Six! May 17, 2014 Westminster Abbey

   We began the tour of Westminster Abbey at the royal entrance (west side).  A royal shield is at this entrance and contains the unicorn for Scotland and the lion for England. The royal entrance is the same entrance Katherine Middleton walked through for her wedding to marry Prince William. Martin Luther King sits right above the royal entrance, as well, right below the royal shield. There are over 3,000 people buried and/or remembered in Westminster Abbey. People such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Winston Churchill, C.S Lewis, many kings and queens along with many others are buried in the Abbey. It was an interesting feeling knowing that we were walking on tombs almost everywhere we walked. A tomb of an unknown worrier has a Congressional Medal of Honor from the First World War. The worrier is unknown because the body was taken off the battle ground from the war and in 1920 was buried. It is the most visited tomb of a warrior in the world and is the last burial to take place in Westminster. This tomb is the only tomb in Westminster Abbey that people are unable to walk on.
   Westminster Abbey was built in the 1200’s and took around 500 years to complete! The architecture of the Abbey is absolutely fantastic and is considered gothic architecture. The most famous piece of furniture is a coronation chair from 1308, which King Richard II first sat in. King Richard II actually invented the handkerchief! Everyone who has been crowned in Westminster Abbey has sat in the same chair since 1308. Most of the tombs in Westminster Abbey are amazing but the biggest and grandest belongs to Henric Carey Baro de Hvnson.

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