Thursday, May 29, 2014

Global Competence

What exactly is global competence and what does it involve? According to Global Teacher Education, global competence involves investigating the world, recognizing perspectives, communicating ideas and taking action. I would like to pick one of the four areas to focus my attention on but they are all very important! Investigating the world is learning about the world beyond you immediate environment. This is similar to thinking globally, if you do not learn about the world you will have a hard time thinking globally. Recognizing perspectives allows you to differentiate your own perspectives from others. Recognizing others perspectives keeps you from seeing straight down the tunnel. You must use your peripheral vision and open your mind to others. Communicating ideas allows the world to go round! Different areas of the world think differently and if you are globally competent you are able to communicate easier to these audiences. Taking action! Being a criminal justice major, I like the sound of this. Just being in London for two weeks I realize you just act differently. Focussing more on police officers, they use there voices as their weapon of choice. Not so much in the United States, they use their voices but not to the extend of London officers. Being globally competent allows you to use your skills to act according to the situation.

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