Friday, June 6, 2014

Different Ways of Living

   Over my two week stay in London I have mentioned some different ways of living but I did not think that I actually explained them as I should have. I mentioned different parks and how amazing they are! Living in South Dakota I am use to parks in the middle of the city but in London the concept of parks in a city is crazy! London does not much in common with Rapid City or Chadron but they all have parks in the city. London takes pride and joy of their parks and keep them in pristine condition! I have also mentioned the food in London. We spent more time looking for different places to eat! There are places to eat EVERYWHERE in London but for some reason it was always a long process. One of our issues was they the pub's opened but did not start serving food before 12 or 1. Like seriously?! I find that very odd that you can go and drink but you can't even eat yet. I was always difficult to find healthy things to eat in pubs or restaurants. Their typical food is heavy and full of carbohydrates, which is fine every once in awhile just not everyday for two weeks. We ate lots of sandwiches from Pret.
   The food is much different but so is the lifestyle! It is very expensive to live in the city of London, which is why most residents live outside central London. The lifestyle is incredible fast! It took awhile to get use to. Once I got back to the United States it took me two days to get back to a slower pace lifestyle and sleep schedule. I am so glad to be able to drive to work and not go on the tube with hundreds of other people. It is good to be back! Till next time London. (:

Delicious Spaghetti!

Strawberry Crepe from Paris

Bangers and Mash

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