Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Who Am I and Why Did I Decide To Participate In Study Abroad?

   My name is Jessica Orose, and I am currently a sophomore, but I will be a junior at the time of departure. I am a Criminal Justice major with an emphasis in Juvenile Justice and a minor in Psychology at Chadron State College.  When I was a senior in high school I came to Chadron on a school visit, during a conversation with the professors, London got brought up. Not even five minutes into the conversation I knew London was where I wanted to study abroad! I love learning about new cultures, and traveling the world. Why not do both of these things while also getting school credit for it?! It will be something incredible to add to my résumé and remember for the rest of my life. Going to London will allow me to expand my knowledge of different ways the criminal justice system operates around the world. Understanding and being exposed to another culture allows me to have a worldly view, which will lead to figuring out what defines those people, for instance: values, religion, and interaction within the culture and their customs.

   Not only will I have the opportunity to go to London, I will also be visiting Paris for a day!  The time of departure, May 11, will be here before I know it. Honestly, I have not made a list yet of what I would like to do yet, but going to the London Eye would definitely be on the list, along with visiting the Windsor Castle. I am up for anything though! I know that anywhere I go I would just be blown away by the oldness of the city (compared to the United States) and its amazing architecture. Just keep in mind, London was founded in 43 AD.  It’s going to be unreal! I am beyond on excited for this experience and that I get to share it with you. (:

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